Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome Contemplative Law Student!

Dear Friends
Whether you are an experienced meditator or totally new to meditation, practicing meditation in law school can be a challenge and yet can be essential for your wellbeing.
The good news is that a practice of meditation, whether by a new or experience practitioner,  can help reduce stress, improve wellbeing, increase focus, concentration and insight and help to grow your brain, all while you are in the midst of law school!
My hope is that this site will offer you some resources to draw on to help you start:
  1.  a meditation practice,
  2.  deepen an ongoing practice as well as
  3. explore new paradigms of Integrative Law Practice that offer innovative and pioneering models of law practice.

Check out the resource pages on the right column below for sitting groups, instruction, online resources, videos, guided meditations, books and Integrative and Contemplative Law Group Meetings.

This site is based on resources and information gathered over 12 years of teaching meditation at CUNY School of Law to law students, law grads, faculty and staff. It's just getting started, so return often as more resources will be added each week.

Looking forward to your comments.