She was just staring at me.
She had something to say, and I could tell she was curious about the Free Listening sign, but she didn’t seem to have to courage to speak to me.
So, I waited. Nowhere to be, and all day to get there.
It was so hot outside.
Finally, she walked up, and like a young warrior preparing for battle, she said:

“I don’t usually do this, and I know this isn’t a hot button topic anymore… But, I think abortion is wrong. It’s not a form of birth control, and people who have them should be arrested for murder." 

Most protesters at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were yelling about Donald Trump—for or against—all part of this beautiful circus of free speech.
She was different. There was no circus here. She was serious.
I had been Free Listening at the RNC for a few hours, and most people who spoke with me told me about their families, their jobs, and the things that brought them to Cleveland.
No one had opened up about a serious, but controversial issue.
But here she was.
It was so hot outside.

Glenn Beck, Of All People, Nails What’s Wrong Right Now

“We have to start listening to people. If we don’t, we’re in trouble.”

11/09/2016 03:15 am ET | Updated Nov 09, 2016 
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck said during NBC’s election coverage that the problem facing the nation right now is that “we don’t listen to each other and we don’t trust each other.”
“I don’t think we’ve listened to each other at all, and I know I’ve been at fault on this,” he admitted Tuesday night.

Beck, founder of The Blaze, also said people no longer trust the media “because they view us as speaking down to them, pontificating, telling them and not listening to them.”
He pointed out that most supporters of Donald Trump  and Hillary Clinton aren’t happy about the candidate they voted for.  
“On both sides, the parties have to realize now, ‘Boy we need to start reflecting the people and listening to the people.’ Because the people are entering a time as we’re seeing tonight beyond reason. they’re not listening. and when you get into so much fear and so much anger, the mind’s mechanism is to just shut down reason and they’re not listening to reason ― and we have got to find our way to each other.”
Beck said in the coming year he wants to meet with the people he disagrees with most, and just listen. 
“We have to start listening to people,” he concluded. “If we don’t, we’re in trouble.” 
Beck, once a voice from the fringes of the far right, has lately been trying to strike a more conciliatory tone. 
Earlier this week, he told the New Yorker that he empathizes with the Black Lives Matters movement and said he was too hard on President Barack Obama.
“I did a lot of freaking out about Barack Obama,” Beck told the magazine. But, he added, “Obama made me a better man.” 

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